Monday, January 11, 2010

I can play Rush Limbaugh…but can I play Jeff Christie??

Like most of us, Rush Limbaugh did not come to success right away. As we all know only child stars and NBA draft picks become rich and famous overnight.

Rush did some stints as a Top 40 DJ in his early radio career…most notably as a morning personality called Jeff Christie. Here’s a link to Rush in those days.

Regardless of how you feel about Rush, it’s pretty fascinating to see such a strong personality in development. You can see glimpses of the later Rush in the prank call to the power company…and you get some small hints of Rush’s famous ego. But you have to admit, he’s pretty much perfected the “HEY..I’M YOUR MORNING DJ AND HERE’S A SONG” bit. Who knows…if things had gone differently Rush may have been the new Casey Kasem.

I started in radio as well, doing morning news at WWKI in Kokomo, Indiana. Hopefully, I can tap into some of that old radio magic as I begin to shape myself into Rush.

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  1. Well, at least you seem to be attempting to find some common link between you and Rush. I worry about the whole 'bloated ego' thing. Anyone who is a regular listener knows that this is a facade he puts up to tweak people, especially the left. Its an act. The real Rush is very humble. Of course you will find that nearly impossible to believe. All I can hope for really is a faint glimmer of humanity in a sea of propagandistic hit piece masquerading as a 'fun play.'