Monday, January 25, 2010

One week down…one to go

Hey everyone. It’s been awhile since the last post. There are two reasons for that…

One…I spent some time tracking down Richard J. Smith Jr. Now, I know you’re saying…”who is Richard J. Smith Jr.” I’m surprised you don’t know. Rush Limbaugh certainly knows. Richard J. Smith Jr. is a white, protestant, male from the Midwest. He is also a banker. And as Rush and I now know…Mr. Smith is the only non-Jewish banker in America. He also voted for McCain so he has no “buyer’s remorse”.

Two…The first week of rehearsal royally kicked my ass. For those of you who are not in this business we call “show”, let me share some inside info. At most theaters, when you put on a production you spend several weeks doing it. First you read the script, then you work on the scenes and blocking…that takes a couple of weeks. After that you learn the songs and rehearse them…that can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Then you bring in the choreographer (most of whom are sadists) and you dance and dance and dance until you awaken at night with leg cramps. That process takes another week or so. Finally you bring in tech and props and costumes and you put it all together…that’s another week. So..that comes to about 6-7 weeks.

We have done most of that is 5 days. How can you do it? By busting your ass and having so many incredibly talented people involved.

This show is going to be very, very good. The writing, the music, the dancing are excellent. Even if you don’t much like or care about politics…you will still enjoy this show. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to be part of it. Now…as they say in comedy…I just have to not fuck it up.

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