Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Fair Limbaugh...

One of the things the Limbaugh supporters who are commenting on the blog have mentioned is how Rush deals in the facts. Rush, himself talks about it all the time. To quote him, “I’m not makin’ this up folks.”

And yet, his supporters on this blog page are making assumptions (sometimes wildly) about what this show is and what it will be while knowing only it’s title. The title is not “Fuck You Rush Limbaugh,” or “Rush Limbaugh can kiss our Lefty Asses.” It’s simply “Rush Limbaugh: The Musical.” So, while you may think you know what it’s about…you don’t. I don’t…I haven’t even seen the whole script. How about we wait and see it before we judge it? Isn’t that what a journalist like Rush Limbaugh would do? Rush wouldn’t go off half-cocked and make accusations or assumptions before carefully compiling all the facts would he? Let’s be fair shall we?

And, as for being fair, here’s a bit of inside info. Comedy isn’t fair. Comedy has never been fair. Comedy is an outburst, a rage, a microscope…but it’s not fair. When you tell a joke about a Priest, do you immediately tell one about a Rabbi in order to be “fair.” No…you tell jokes because they are funny. Second City has made fun of Race, Gender, Politics, Religion, War, Peace, Sports, Sex and EVERY sitting President in the last 50 years.

And we have to “be careful” with Rush Limbaugh??


  1. We know whats going to be in it, because all the plays like this are exactly the same ane entirely predictable. It will be a boring hit piece because its what you must do as a good liberal. Your trying to say your play isn't "Fuck You Rush Limbaugh" is a joke. That's exactly what it is and you know it. It can be nothing else.

    Now a test. Can you tell me anything Second City has done in the last five years that has a right wing point of view? Anything?

  2. PS: I wonder if I'm the only one from the deluge of crazy rethuglikkkan devil monsters that actually bookmarked the blog?

  3. If Second City presented Right Wing point of views then
    a) it wouldn't be funny
    b) it wouldn't draw a crowd
    c) you are the only "rethublicanolibertarianpseudocleverthing" posting here because you have moved up in the douchebag rankings

    Congrats jagmo!

    And wow that Rush really has shown such a compassionate side this week...he and Pat Robertson's heartfelt concern for Haiti was staggering.

  4. Thank you for clearing up the misconception that Second City is open to all points of view and Conservatives are being paranoid.

    So right wingers cannot be funny. What else are only people who agree with you capable of?

    You really don't see Republicans as human do you?

  5. @ Dark Eden - SC is open to all views. It's the job of the writers/actors/staff to present the material in a way to entertain. You can be a "conservative" and have a place at SC; it's just in my opinion going to be incredibly difficult to do so.

    Want to change that? Walk into the "lion's den" of SC and start taking classes and performing with groups like these. Make your voice heard!

  6. It's freedom of speech and what's gonna make SC money. But to say that this play isn't going to be bashing Rush is kind of silly. And for those looking out for Rush, he can look out for himself, he's got more than 14 million listeners a week, he'll do just fine.

    @Nelson V - I hope conservatives can make it at SC because I plan on taking classes in March, is it really that bad with politics there?

  7. @Joe - I'll say no. I trained there for 4 years, been in plenty of revues/shows, and have been exposed to limited number of staff meetings. Like I said in another thread on the blog, good satire is good satire is good satire. If you write/perform good, well thought out, funny material, it'll be accepted.

    The only politics that go on there are those of the "theatre world" - striving for stage time, getting bitchy when people don't support you, etc - things you'd find in any other theatre institution :)

  8. Joe,

    As a conservative who improvised I don't think you will have any problems. There were a lot of us but most chose to stay in the closet. (I didn't but I am a jerk.) Mark Sutton directed a group I was with and I had no idea what his politics were. His opinion about baseball, oh yeah, but politics was not a subject of conversation.

    I think you will find that most improvisers are more liberal than the average and most are indifferent to politics. If you are committed to doing good work on stage then your politics won't matter a bit.